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Family owned since 1980, Dura Tech Company offers a full line of fencing including vinyl, wood, chain link, aluminum, guardrails and custom iron!

Whatever your current fencing needs, we have what you need!
  1. Custom Made Iron Entry Gates
    Custom Made Iron Entry Gates
  2. Beautiful Wood Fences
    Beautiful Wood Fences
  3. Low Maintenance Vinyl Fences
    Low Maintenance Vinyl Fences
You have a nice, big backyard where you can throw parties or just have a quiet dinner with friends. Unfortunately, you feel conscious that your neighbors always have their one eye on you and your family. It seems it is now time for a proper fencing to be installed and we, at Duratech Company, are here to help you. 

Whichever state or country you are in, you always want to feel secure about your home and your surroundings. This is the reason why a lot of families opted to live in gated residences or in areas where these property developments have security as their top priority. 

Of course, wanting this "perk" means paying extra for the service provided. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it however, that does not mean you need to compromise your family's security. You do not have to worry because Duratech Company has a solution for you! We are one of the leading fencing companies in Rhode Island that sells and installs fences to families and properties that need it. 

We have various types of fencing people need or want for their homes. Other than securing your perimeter, there is probably an area in the house that needs to be gated for child-security purposes, like your pool - Duratech is the company to call. 

Our years in the business proves that our clients are extremely satisfied with our service. One of our trade secrets is we always take note of what our clients need. Rather than immediately dictate what needs to be installed, we talk and listen to our customers to know why they want to install a fence. We use the conversation we had as a basis to understand what kind or type of fence should be installed in their homes. 

Apart from giving clients our full attention, we also make sure that we do not compromise the quality of our fences. All the materials we use are durable and will last a few years or more, depending on how they maintain it. 

If you need or want quality and durable fences installed for your homes or a specific area in your home, we at Duratech Company can and will help you. Pick up that phone now and give us a call at (401) 487-0399.,